Our Team

Danger!awesome’s team of designers, artists, architects and engineers are an essential part of what makes our space so great. The team is always ready with advice and ideas to make your project great and your experience positive.

Ali is a self-professed geek, with skill sets that span from computer science, artificial intelligence, and natural language processing to genetics. Girded by immutable loves for his wife and the game NetHack, imagination and creation are central to Ali’s life, which he inspires in the lives of others through soft-spoken conversations and booming opera-like renditions of pop music and oldies tunes. He likes math and music, was a volunteer radio DJ for seven years, and is from Iraq by way of Kansas. What more is there to say?

Nadeem has an uncanny ability to be omnipresent. Spread across two personal businesses, Cambridge City Council, and faculty of the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Nadeem and his talents take shape in the non-stop development of community-based education, art, social justice, and entrepreneurship initiatives. As a greater Boston native, Nadeem spends his spare time around town coaching squash, cruising on his bike, and renovating full-size school buses. Indeed, the most poignant and mechanically satisfying feature in Nadeem’s life is the manual door-opener in his school bus.

As one of danger!awesome’s senior staff, Lannie is a designer, technician, and teacher of formidable proportions. Her portfolio of laser-cut projects is prolific, likely unmatched by any laser-technician in Greater Boston and beyond. She specializes in laser-cut mixed media, utilizing her technological prowess with her fine arts background in paint to forge techniques that she teaches to students, who themselves have become full-fledged artists under her guidance. Lannie also designs all the tattoos that ornament her body permanently—she’s that good.